What will be added in the future?
  • Dungeons
  • Unique classes (eg. buff mage)
  • Balanced drops
  • Balanced items
Welcome to our server. You can find here items from +1 to +9 where +1 is the worst and +9 is the best of type. You can drop, or craft them. You start with Adger +1. To upgrade it to +2, you need sheep ties, which drop from sheeps. They also drop a scroll to map where all bosses are. All maps are connected with each other except Bosses map.
What is here so far?
  • Life steal
  • Mining
  • Buff potions (exp, mining exp, str, agi etc)
  • Upgradeable items +1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9
  • Aoe items
  • Blacksmiths who can upgrade items by 1 for gold, with a certain chance of failure
  • Gold picker charm which picks gold for you
  • Bosses, who drop some unique items
Known bugs
  • After switching from mining to normal exp mode, exp is bugged, so player needs to relog
  • New sprites eg. Pirate leader have bugged offsets, so they look innatural
Useful commands:
#info player_name
#title title
#skin 'white/pale/tan/orc'
#update 'str/int/wis/agi/con/cha' amt
#reset - resets your stats
#warp name
#npc 'name' - shows info about npc (drops, hp, etc)
#item 'name' - shows info about item (dmg, stats, lifesteal, etc)
#reborn - if your level is over 200, you can reborn, so your exp and level will be reset, but you will keep your stats.
Available warps:
#warp 'home, shop, mine, sky, penguins, beach'.